Nadaun At Bharoli District - Kangra - 176036

Fine System  

Fine: 1) a fine of rs 5/ per day will be charged from student for missing school without any information.

2) Leave of any kind will not be sanctioned to any student on last working day before vacation and first working day after vacation In case a student remains absent on these days , he/she will be charged Rs 50/ per day as a fine of absence.

3) School uniform is an important feature of a public school system . A student without uniform will be charged Rs 50/ per day and a student in improper uniform uniform will be charged Rs 5/ per day for not allowing uniform code of the school.

4) The name of student will be stuck off from school roll in case he/she remains absent from school for continuously four days without intimating school administration and getting his/her leave sanctioned by citing genuine reasons.

5) Fine and penalty may also be imposed to a student Who’s found breaking and spoiling school property . The amount of fine will be calculated as per the actual loss of the property.

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