Nadaun At Bharoli District - Kangra - 176036

Code of conduct for students  

The students of DAV Public School Bharoli are required to:-

  1. Maintain  strict discipline in and outside the classrooms , in vans and public places too.
  2. Regularity in attendance and punctuality on all school functions deemed obligatory for them.
  3. They must show respect to the teachers and carry out their instructions most faithfully.
  4. They are required not to loiter in their vacant periods and vulgar or abusive language.
  5. They must be friendly and courteous to all visitor stranger and polite to each other.
  6. They are required to maintain cleanliness by making proper use of dustbin provided at various places in the school campus , in each classrooms & toilets.
  7. They are required not to shout or whistle in the school premises . Damaging school property ,disfiguring the furniture or writing on the walls or defacing the walls with pencils or knife marks is strictly forbidden. Any damage done to school property is recoverable from the defaulters.
  8. Students are advised not to bring costly articles to school and practice any borrowing  /lending or exchange the articles .
  9. They are required to deposit unclaimed articles found in the school with their class teachers .
  10. Students who come to school under the care  of their escorts should never leave the school before the escort arrive .Parents are responsible to ensure that their wards are dropped to and picked up from the school or van points in time .
  11. The school is judged by the conduct of students  so they must posses exemplary manners & behave in a dignified manner. They are expected to greet their teachers & elders whenever they meet them and should observe good manners wherever they are.
  12. Group or individuals play in the classrooms or school corridor is strictly prohibited.
  13. No student is allowed to leave the school or meet outdoor /ex-students during school hours without permission.
  14. Student found guilty of misconduct, indiscipline or otherwise shall be liable to heavy punishment in form of fine, debarred from appearing in unit test/examinations and even expulsion from school ,depending on the seriousness of the offence
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